Race Alliance Wales Member/Supporter Registration Form

About Race Alliance Wales 

Race Alliance Wales (RAW) is an initiative which aims to act as a collaborative and self-directed platform for individuals and organisations interested in achieving race equality in Wales. Through collaborative work, we seek to contribute to a more equal, cohesive and globally responsible Wales, and to making Wales a welcoming place of safety where rights are enjoyed and BAME people can thrive

Membership Terms

•    Membership is open to all any individual living in Wales who considers themselves to be BAME/Racialised  or is a volunteer or staff member from a BAME-focused / Anti-Racist group / organisation operating in Wales.
•    To join, prospective members should complete and return this form. The Secretariat will receive your information and add you to our membership list
•    Any organisation committed to supporting the objectives of Race Alliance Wales will be invited to become supporting members provided there are no reasonable objections from the rest of the Alliance. 

See here for RAW’s full Terms of Reference 
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